Get Some Extra Elbow Room For Next Adventure

Rooftop storage
Rooftop storage

Your family may be ready for a private getaway this winter, a place where you can shelter safely away from home. How do you pack all that winter gear and still have space in your vehicle?

If you’re feeling a bit squeezed for space when traveling this winter, we have some suggestions to clear out your vehicle cabin.

Rack manufacturers recommend the following guidelines:

  • If your vehicle does not have roof rails, ask your advisor to help determine the right size.
  • Consider the kind of cargo you want to carry. There are many choices for attachments, from clips to locks.
  • Stow large items in enclosed, weatherproof capsules.
  • Just carrying skis or a bike? Basic clamps may work. Cushioned clamps are useful for skis and cycles.
  • Need containers for boots or clothes? A clamshell enclosure with locks protects gear from theft. 
  • Temporary racks and hitch-mounted racks may be removed easily and do not require any alternating of the roof itself.
  • Permanent racks offer the safest way to carry winter gear.
  • Stainless steel parts are less likely to rust or break than plastic components. ABS plastic lasts longer and weathers better than cheap polyethylene plastic.